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A lot of news, some of it old.

What have I been up to over the last year, you might wonder?

I punctured my left eardrum when swimming in Thailand, last April. As I can’t properly hear the tune when I sing (it’s called conductive hearing loss,) I find I cannot perform with the caliber I like to deliver as a professional musician. So as it heals (it will take a few more months, still,) I have returned to the tech world. I founded the company http://www.gladdata.com, and will presently play music purely as an enthusiast and teacher. Ironically, you will most likely see more original music coming from me, as a result.

Hello, and tally ho!

New Track >> “Before He Goes”

Check out this demo recording for Preston’s new song, “Before He Goes”:

Blessed be my father, loving woman by his side.
Sleeping deeper than he aught to, soon to wake with greater life.

I am on my own tonight.
Though the way back home’s in sight.
I just want him to know me for who I am, before he goes.

Blessed be my mother, darling daughter loves to care.
I feel so distant from my brother, still I know he’s always there.

I am on my own tonight.
Though the way back home’s in sight.
I just want him to know me for who I am, before he goes.

We’re so close to making this old house a home.

Thanks / Come Sail Away

HUGE thanks to everyone for coming out to The Hive for last night’s show! It’s always invigorating to look out on a full room with so many familiar faces.


Unfortunately, there are to be no more live shows from Preston until late September, solo or otherwise. At the end of the month, he will be boarding the Celebrity Silhouette to entertain passengers while sailing the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas for the rest of summer.

Photo on 5-4-14 at 10.43 PM

In the meantime, if you want to check in and see where Preston is, you can track the Celebrity Silhouette here, or just send him a message. Preston will also be regularly updating his Twitter feed while he’s overseas, so be sure to add him.

Preston on WCSH’s 207

Preston performing on WCSH’s 207

Earlier this month, Preston stopped in to WCSH Channel 6’s 207 studio to film a segment for this evening’s show. If you missed the original airing, you can check out the interview as well as  live performances of “Skyclad Revival” and “Caravan” on 207’s website. Both songs are from Preston’s debut EP, Skyclad Revival, available through Bull Moose Music, iTunes and from Preston himself.

Wade Sutton of Rocket To The Stars Questions Preston’s Ethics

Over at the music marketing and consultation firm, Rocket To The Stars, Wade Sutton has written an interesting piece about the Starbucks marketing hack :


“This is where the conversation about Preston’s scheme becomes so interesting. Preston admitted to me by phone that he was a little bit worried about some of the legalities with what he was doing. While Starbucks and Apple would probably make a pretty good case in court that this was a matter of trademark infringement (logos for Starbucks and iTunes were placed on Preston’s cards), he told me he felt he was safe because the cards were a “parody”.


The other factor some artists took issue with was the possibility that Preston was trying to steal the spotlight from an artist that had gone through the rigorous process required to be selected for Starbucks “Pick of the Week”. One artist involved in the discussion asked, “So, what if you were the person who FINALLY got that Starbucks deal and you just got your card out there and went by to check it out and found someone else’s card there. Is that OK?”


I asked Preston for his thoughts on the criticism.”


…read the full article…

He and his colleagues raised some good points, certainly some thoughts to consider in future marketing plans. What do you think?